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Ants is pleased to present:

Fausto Becatti's solo exhibtion, IMPOSTOR. 

Opening 17th May, 2017 at 6:30pm
(Closing 6th June, 2017) 

Exhibition will be held at Gathere | 11 Kramer Road, Kramerville

"Fausto, much like his artistic namesake, is intensely passionate. He lives for filmmaking, photography, music, travel and adventure. His photography has throughout the years evolved into a signature style, where he creates cinematic moods and emotions within street photography, inviting the viewer to consider his subjects’ stories. He seeks out real moments and real subjects, putting his stamp on their setting." 

"The exhibition is a culmination of several years; a collection of photography that spans Cuba, Japan, Hong Kong, India, USA, South Africa and Europe."

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